Providing total solutions for Process and HVAC system applications

We can support many applications a few of which are detailed below:

System Upgrade & Modernisation

For obsolete parts and controls superseded by the introduction of mandatory design codes, Kempston Controls provides an upgrade path. Our specialists will recommend upgrades and the best technology that delivers enhanced safety, energy efficiency and/or improved emissions performance to meet today’s exacting design standards.

Knowing What Works

With Kempston Controls extensive HVAC and control product offering this experienced team knows what works and backed with competitive pricing, exceptional stock levels and exemplary service they have the foundation to help serve you better.

Continually updated and trained by leading manufacturers in the latest design and product innovations, this team can source top brand products along with the best value alternatives to suit your needs and pricing requirements.

Controlling the Process

To add yet more strings to our bow the newly created Process Team brings decades of relevant industrial expertise to help provide you with technical product solutions for your next installation or retrofitting project.

Outstanding Brand Access

With our comprehensive product portfolio providing the Kempston process team with access to just about every possible product combination from all the World’s leading brands, they can source it all.

Spare Parts

It’s wise that essential consumable spare parts are stocked onsite to ensure minimal downtime in the event of stoppages. For all critical items of plant and machinery, Kempston Controls can advise on spare parts and consumables that should be replaced on a planned maintenance cycle. Unable to store spare parts on site? Kempston Controls hold an unmatched level of stock for thermal applications with next day delivery on most items.

The Kempston Process & HVAC Solutions Team

This Kempston Process & HVAC Solutions Team has decades of relevant industrial expertise behind them, and they are up to date on what works and what doesn’t. Their experience and training, coupled with Kempston Controls offering, can help provide you with the products solutions you need for your next installation.

This dedicated team also provides Service and facilitates Management companies with commercial spares as well as Building Controls and BMS peripheral equipment to System Integrators and Mechanical Contractors.

All of this is backed up with comprehensive technical support before during and after the installation process helping you easily integrate your chosen HVAC & process control hardware into your system, and for any future upgrades you might need.

What we can offer

  • Provide direction on replacing outdated or worn-out components.
  • Energy Efficiency Consultation.
  • Modernisation & Process Optimisation Expertise.
  • On-Site & Remote Technical Support.
  • System Upgrades Tailored to Your Needs.
  • Replacement of Obsolete Components.
  • Inspections & Strategic Recommendations.
  • Site Surveys for Critical Spares.

Challenge the team here at Kempston Controls to deliver your solution.

Typical industries we operate in

  • Food & Beverage
  • Hygienic Applications
  • Domestic Applications
  • System Integrators
  • BMS Installers
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • M&E Contractors
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Architects and Construction
  • Boiler Houses
  • Renewable Energies and Biofuels
  • OEM’s

Meet the Team

Sandeep Sarpal

Sandeep became involved in the HVAC industry back in 2008 when he joined a leading manufacturer of gas valves, pressure switches, flow sensors, valve actuators, building controls & other control products.

Rising rapidly through the ranks from Technical Sales to Sales Manager and Product Champion, he joined Kempston Controls in 2020 as a Commercial Manager of the Process Division.

Paul Earl

Paul’s career began a few decades ago with a 4-year Electronics Apprenticeship which then led to 20 years of service in various roles in the electronics & radio/satellite communications industry.

A change of pace led to Paul working as an electrician for a small local building company. He then joined Danfoss’ heating technical support team. Paul has been with Kempton Controls since 2018.

Luciano Piccini

With an Electrical Engineering BSc degree, Luciano has been engaged with the industrial sector his whole career in a variety of roles: from Account/Product manager to Plant & Production Manager.

Luciano has provided technical & commercial support for a range of products including but not limited to field instrumentation; Control (DCS/PLC), Scada, Analytical systems, VSDs.

Peter Jones

With over 30 years of experience in the fluid industry, Peter has honed his expertise while working with renowned companies in the pneumatics sector. His extensive product knowledge spans from fundamental necessities like push-in fittings to comprehensive solutions such as fully encapsulated valve island systems.

Peter is dedicated to providing top-notch advice tailored to his customers’ needs. He takes pride in simplifying their requirements into easily understandable formats. Whether you’re in need of cylinders or gripping mechanisms, seeking solutions for counting or timing, or exploring options for control cabinet setups, Peter ensures that you receive the optimal solution for your specific needs.

Gabriel Mancus

For the last two decades Gabriel has accumulated extensive experience working directly with end users within industrial environments, primarily in sales roles and as a Product Manager. His expertise encompasses a diverse range of mechanical and fluid power technologies, with a notable focus on fluid power applications.

Kempston Process & HVAC Product Line

Extensive Product Knowledge

The Kempston HVAC & Process Controls Team are here to help you choose the right product from a vast range of stocked items including:


Sensors are a vital component of any successful HVAC and process control installation, ensuring efficient operation of a range of equipment. Temperature Sensors, Position Sensors, Pressure Switches, Gas Sensors, and Flow Switches are just some of the devices you may need.


Process metering ensures that facilities that process flammable, corrosive, and toxic substances are tightly controlled environments, and these materials are handled safely. Flow metering, dispensing valves and progressive cavity pumps make up just some of the equipment available.

Valves & Actuators

The process industry relies upon process control valves, including gate valves, globe valves and butterfly valves to manage the flow of gas and liquid mediums. Actuators are used to open valves. Pneumatic actuators and electromechanical valve actuators provide stability, reliability, and performance.

Level Detection

Level detection sensors play a predominant role in level measurement applications. Non-contact devices such as ultrasonic & radar sensors, optical, and capacitance sensors are popular. For physical contact detection, options like vibrating forks, float switches and paddle sensors are the norm.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors and transducers including vacuum gauges, piezoelectric & barometric sensors cater to a variety of industrial sensing tasks. From monitoring the pressure of an oil pipeline to weighing a product you will find a pressure sensor or strain gauge of some description.


Within HVAC installations determining the temperature of a particular zone, or the temperature of a boiler is essential for economic, effective operation. Likewise, within installations such as industrial ovens or burners without systemic control and monitoring of the temperature via a thermostat safety is compromised.

Heating Controls

Working in tandem with temperature monitoring devices such as thermostats there needs to be a method of controlling the equipment being monitored, be that a domestic boiler, industrial oven, or a kiln. That method of temperature control is obtained via a heating controller installation.

Flow Devices

Flow devices measure flow rate using flowmeter sensing device options such as vortex, Coriolis & piston meters, variable flow, ultrasonic & turbine flow meters. Flow measurement is the action of measuring the movement of bulk fluid such as oil within your plant or industry.

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