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Cutler-Hammer Cranes

Established in Chicago in 1892, by Harry Henderson Cutler and Edward West Hammer, Cutler-Hammer quickly relocated to Milwaukee in 1899 to became one of the city's leading businesses. As the use of electricity gathered pace Cutler-Hammer capitalised on this by developing numerous electrical control devices that were used in everything from battleships and cranes to lighting.

Throughout the 1900s the company continued to innovate and diversify its product range, developing automatic motor starters, lift controls, dimmers for theatres and heavy duty industrial magnetic lifting devices.

Post War Expansion

The 2nd World War proved to be a boon for Cutler-Hammer, which led to them manufacturing military goods and control devices for every branch of the American military.

In the decades that followed they tapped into the commercial use of electronics in the rapidly expanding airline and space industries and gained numerous footholds in Europe for exporting electronic technology. Over time, the company grew to include fifty-four plants around the world and was ultimately purchased by the Eaton Corporation in 1979 during their expansion.

During 2021 Kempston Controls acquired the rights and the manufacturing facilites for a wide range of products from the Cutler-Hammer Cranes Division from Eaton, with the aim of continuing and building upon the Cutler-Hammer legacy of high-quality dependable products for generations to come.

Some of the Cutler-Hammer Compatible products available include:

Limit Switches
Speed Responsive Switches
Heavy Duty Switches
Cam Switches
Limit Switches

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