Cable Accessories

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Cable Accessories

Kempston Controls knows that good cable management is the proper organisation, protection and safe routing of electrical cabling and wiring to industrial, commercial, and domestic installations and equipment.

Cable management products come in a wide range of types, including electrical enclosures, flexible conduit, crimp terminals, cable glands and grommets, draw wires, heat shrink, crimp tools, and so much more.

We stock all the essential cable management products you will need to ensure your installation is properly assembled, protected, easy to service, and above all, safe.

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Installation, Isolation and Connection Material

When it comes to dependable electrical connections, you need products such as crimp terminals, lugs, bootlace ferrules and heat shrink tubing to ensure the reliability, durability, and the safety of your installation.

From cable markers and PVC adhesive tape to copper tube terminals, there is a wide variety of products available from Kempston Controls. Insist on the highest quality components when completing any electrical installation.

Enclosures and Junction Boxes

Enclosures, control cabinets, cable glands, and other wiring support products are vital for any successful electrical system installation. They provide protection from environmental factors for the electrical components and wiring inside, while also allowing for a neat and secure finish.

From small junction boxes to cable glands and grommet kits we have all the enclosures and junction boxes and support products you need.

Fastners & Connectors

Connectors and fasteners are an important part of any successful electrical system installation. Whether you're dealing with cable cleats, connectors, cable tie bases, nylon washers or terminal blocks, you need secure and reliable connections for your power to flow safely.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with commercial wiring or a complex industrial electrical system the correct components can make all the difference in ensuring your wiring is installed correctly


When it comes to hand tools having the right equipment for the job is essential. From draw wires, crimp tools and cable routing reels to sleeve stretchers and cable shears, the correct tools for the task in hand saves time, energy, and money.

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson, onsite engineer, or a DIY enthusiast, having the correct tools is essential for ensuring the job is done right first time, every time.


Having a comprehensive array of electrical component spares, ancillaries, and accessories close to hand is always a good idea to help maintain your installation and keep the wheels in motion.

Enclosed switch disconnectors, earth bars, cable glands, warning tapes, miniature fuse kits and rotary switches are just some of the high-quality components you will find at Kempston Controls

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