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ATEX Absolute Encoders

ATEX Absolute Encoders are an essential process control and automation motion sensing device in environments that feature a hazardous atmosphere. They feature a code for each shaft position taken by an absolute encoder ensuring they provide a unique and distinctive location. An absolute encoder interprets this system of signals to determine positional data from where no two positions are the same.

Available in multi-turn or single turn versions, single turn is more suited to short travel motion control applications where position monitoring is required from a single turn of the encoder shaft. Multi-turn absolute encoders are better suited for larger scale position monitoring.

An ATEX Absolute Encoder operates as non-volatile position monitoring device, which means that it won’t lose its position if power is lost and the process continues to move. Typical applications include oil and gas industries, wood and flour processing, pharmaceutical, chemical production, etc.

Kempston Controls stocks a comprehensive range of ATEX rated Absolute Encoders from all the leading brands ensuring that your installation meets the demands required by DSEAR.  Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your ATEX rated Absolute Encoder requirements.

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