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Energy Audits and Action Plans for More Efficient and Cost Effective Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting Solutions.
Designed to help save you money, protect the environment and reduce waste.

Reap the Benefits

Operator Benefits

Energy efficiency solutions can help improve working conditions for employees. Many projects deliver reduced heat from motors and conventional lighting, improved light levels, less glare and/or shadows, and better quality heating. These factors help improve operator conditions

Simplified Process

Many companies obtain quotations for energy efficiency projects; however, a large percentage of potential cost savings are never realised. Undertaking energy surveys or obtaining quotations from suppliers can cause confusion when there isn’t a clear understanding of the best route to follow. Kempston Lighting solutions can help create an Energy Action Plan to ensure a clear vision is laid out, implemented, and reported.

Financial Benefits

Well targeted energy efficiency projects not only deliver significant cost savings but can even improve cashflow from month one by selecting the right luminaires for your needs.

Environmental Benefits

New LED lighting technologies can deliver significant benefits in industrial and commercial facilities; 60% to 80% savings are common. By reducing electrical energy usage and the need to generate that power, CO2 emissions can be reduced. Indeed, the reduction of energy and waste can have additional environmental and cost benefits such as reduced HVAC usage in temperature controlled buildings.

Grants, Tax Benefits & Financial Agreements

Electrical energy is a continual and increasing cost and is budgeted month on month, year on year. Even in cash rich companies it can be a struggle to make funds available for capital energy efficiency projects. We can help give you ‘month one’ payback and fund energy projects from the savings with no need for CapEx. We can highlight the tax benefits and grants which may be available to help you reduce the payback and increase the benefits of energy efficiency projects.

Two thirds of the existing commercial building stock needs to be refurbished by 2050 if the United Kingdom is to hit its commitments, that translates to 18 million buildings – one building a minute.

Chartered Institute of Building Surveyors and Engineers (CIBSE)

Case Studies

How does it work?


Initial Meeting

The first step with any prospective customer is an initial meeting to discuss their requirements, understand their organisation better and to undertake an initial free audit of the facility. In the case of large facilities this may be an initial sample area.


Initial Report and Proposal

Following the initial meeting and audit, we will present our findings and in the case of large facilities or organisations, make a proposal for a full site audit and creation of an energy action plan.


Full Site Audit

In the case of large facilities or organisations, we undertake a full site audit to assess the existing lighting provision and its related energy usage. We will create lighting designs to specify replacement LED technologies to best meet the organisation’s requirements in relation to energy usage, lux levels, light quality, reduced maintenance and health and safety requirements.


Draft Report

Having undertaken a full site survey and initial discussions with the stakeholders, we will compile and present a draft report detailing existing energy usage and lighting provision, proposed lighting designs and the associated reduced energy usage, a draft action plan with costs and potential payback and ROI.


Energy Action Plan

Following the presentation and discussions regarding the Draft Report, we will compile a fully costed Energy Action Plan to meet the requirements of the organisation and that when implemented will deliver best value. This will consider all requirements for procurement, implementation, and reporting. This report will highlight any tax benefits, grants and/or funding options which may be available.


Specification And Procurement

Once the Energy Action Plan is agreed, we can assist in procurement and negotiations in delivering the best value owing to our relationships with leading manufacturers and installation contractors. In many cases any costs incurred in engaging lighting solutions are more than offset at this stage, even before energy savings are delivered.


Project Management And Implementation

We have many years of experience in project managing and implementing some of the largest (and smallest) energy efficiency lighting projects undertaken in the UK. This experience includes working within the CDM Health and Safety regulations and compiling risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) for all projects.


Monitoring And Reporting

It is essential in any organisation to prove the savings and benefits delivered by an energy efficiency project. We will assist in the on-going monitoring and reporting of savings achieved and create case studies for either internal or external use by the organisation.

Eco-lighting is a term used to describe a lighting solution that is energy efficient, has less impact on its surroundings during operation, is non-toxic, has a long functional life and is environmentally friendly. There are many benefits gained by switching to an eco-friendly lighting solution, whether they powered by sustainable energy or are energy efficient including.

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions created when generating electricity, the longevity of the eco lighting set-up, and reduced manufacturing and material demands overtime.
  • Standard fluorescent lighting isn’t recycled and contains toxic elements like mercury. Eco lighting doesn’t contain toxins and is recyclable, protecting ecosystems from contamination.
  • LED lighting offers the most energy efficiency when compared to traditional bulbs, requiring 90% less energy to emit a bright light, operate longer and have less environmental impact.

When it comes to eco-friendly lighting an LED luminaire is the optimal lighting solution for businesses and domestic customers alike when it comes to an environmentally friendly lighting solution.

Unlike incandescent bulbs and halogen lighting, LEDs consume less energy, contain no toxic elements such as mercury (found in fluorescent light tubes) and are ultimately more efficient.

Eco-friendly LED lighting has a much longer life than incandescent lighting and fluorescent tubes generally have an operational light of 1000 and 8000 hours. In comparison some manufacturers claim that their LED light bulbs have an operational life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. As you may expect, LED lights are more robust and durable than conventional lighting and have reduced maintenance costs.

Conventional filament bulbs are inefficient, converting electricity into light by heating an element until it emits electromagnetic radiation. Compact fluorescent lamps contain a white, fluorescent sensitive powder coating inside the glass tubing. When electricity is applied, mercury and argon fumes inside the bulb react with the powder to produce invisible UV light. This UV light reacts with the fluorescent coating to produce the white, visible light.

In comparison, LED lights can product virtually no heat, UV rays or radiation and contain no harmful elements. As a result, LED lighting installations consume less energy than traditional methods and can provide superior lighting with eco-friendly credentials.

LED lighting is the ideal modern lighting solution for industrial, domestic, and commercial applications, promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Conventional energy saving bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), are inefficient compared to LED variants, but more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Also, the elements contained within your typical fluorescent light ultimately mean they are not environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly LED lighting has a much longer service life than energy saving CFL options, with manufacturers claiming that their LED light bulbs last for tens of thousands of hours. As you may expect, LED lights are more robust, durable and have greener credentials than their conventional counterparts. This along with reduced operation and maintenance costs means, that despite the initial expense, LED lighting is the more economical option for long term use.

When it comes to identifying the best manufacturer of LED lighting products there is a strong list of contenders populated with the likes of Lena Lighting, Osram, Philips Lighting/Signify, Samsung, Nichia, Panasonic, GE Lighting, Cree, and Eaton, to name just a few.

All these manufacturers have a comprehensive and varied LED Lighting portfolio, with products such as LED Strip Lights, LED Spotlights, LED Bay Lights, Downlights, and of course, domestic LED lighting options.

What they have in common, despite the similarity of high-quality products, is that they are constantly pushing the LED lighting innovation envelope. Kempston Lighting solutions, a division under Kempston Controls always considers what would be the best product solutions for your LED lighting applications.

Environmentally friendly LED lighting it’s claimed, has a much longer service life than incandescent and fluorescent installations. Certain brands claim that their LED light bulbs have an expected operational life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Along with their exception lifespan, LED Lights don’t require regular replacement and don’t burn out, but instead emit lower output levels over an extended period, continuing to operate for years but not at 100% output.

Traditional incandescent bulbs can potentially provide 750 hours of light to around 2,000 hours for the longer life varieties, CFLs 10,000 to 15,000 hours, although there are some exceptions that have lasted for many years. In comparison there is no contest with the impressive life expectancy of LED Lighting installations.

TC Industries is the worldwide industry leading manufacturer of cutting edges, wear parts, and fabrications, as well as the premier commercial heat treat services provider, in North America. We are family owned and operated, with over 80 years of experience in the industry, taking care of some of the most demanding customers in the market. Our business is taking care of our customers by providing solutions to their problems with the utmost quality in both the products and services we provide. We are strategically located globally to meet your needs with locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

TC Industries UK factory is located in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the North East of England. Kempston Lighting Solutions were asked to audit, assess and design an intelligent lighting solution across the factory areas.

Although replacement lighting had been installed approximately 3 years before, this was degrading quickly and lux levels were low and light quality was poor. Kempston Lighting Solutions provided a lighting solution using high quality LED luminaires, incorporating integral occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors within the main factory and paint shop areas. The delivered solution drastically improved the quality of light, whilst saving in excess of 55% of energy costs, even against the recently installed ‘so called’ energy efficient lighting.

Annual Savings
1.4 Years
Project Payback
Annual Savings kWh
Average Increase in Lux Levels

With a growing number of houses being built throughout the UK, Ibstock Brick has increased their production to keep up with the rising demand. This brought about the necessity for an improved working environment as well as maximised lighting levels. Kempston Lighting Solutions Specified, Designed and Project Managed a tailored LED lighting solution, which was rolled-out to all UK Ibstock Brick premises.

Working alongside the manufacturing operations, Ibstock Brick’s engineers, and their preferred electrical contractor, Woodward Group, lighting solutions delivered a precisely-planned lighting solution that reduced the company’s energy bills, minimised their carbon emissions, and decreased their maintenance costs.

Annual Savings
1.7 Years
Project Payback
Annual Savings kWh

Electrical energy is a continual and increasing cost and is budgeted month on month, year on year. Even within many cash rich companies, it is a struggle to enable funds to be made available for capital energy efficiency projects. We can help give you ‘month one’ payback and fund energy projects from the savings with no need for CapEx.

Fix Auto Bodyshop in Deepcut, Surrey was not only eligible for a Carbon Trust grant towards their energy efficiency lighting project, but they also financed the balance of the project on a monthly basis, which meant that they could implement their lighting project with no need for CapEx, and deliver a month one cashflow payback.

Capital projects are also eligible for ECA tax benefits. We highlight the level of these potential benefits within our audit reports.

Annual Savings
Carbon Trust Grant
1 Months
Positive Cashflow

Belmont Laundry provides laundry services to hotels, restaurants, printers and many other types of businesses and has been doing so since 1984. The laundry’s previous lighting system was hot, provided very little light and was hugely expensive to run and maintain. We installed 57 high-level luminaires, replacing 64 400W metal halides. The reduction in energy consumption is impressive – a huge 100,845 kWh – whilst still dramatically increasing light levels in the main laundry area. The reduction in electricty usage means that Belmont Laundry have also reduced their carbon footprint by over 55 tonnes every year.

“We have been based here for 3 years and in that time I cannot believe we spent so much money on our lighting. Kempston Lighting solutions provided us with energy efficient lighting and the difference is unbelievable. The lighting we had before got so hot it could cook food. The changes are huge. I’m really happy with how the whole process went. The installations team were fantastic and they were in and out really quickly. I highly recommend other companies to use Keith and his team to drive down their running and energy costs.”

Scott Barron, Chief Engineer

Annual Savings
1.8 years
Project Payback
100,845 kWh
Annual Savings

Rubix is a British multinational company based in London specialised in the distribution of industrial products and services for industrial engineering, maintenance (technical) and operations. Rubix has become the number 1 company in Europe in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector with 750 locations across 22 countries and a turnover of 2.6 billion euros in 2021.

The company serves over 220,000 customers[2] and distributes over 2 million products, including bearings, mechanical power transmission components, flow technology and fluid power products, machining, cutting tool materials, personal protective equipment and general maintenance products, as well as logistics and technical services.

Rubix National Distribution Centre is located in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. Kempston Lighting Solutions were asked to audit, assess and design an intelligent lighting solution across the entire site.

High quality LED luminaires, incorporating integral occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors, were installed across the warehouse, crane and packing areas as part of a turnkey solution for Rubix. The delivered solution drastically improved the quality of light, whilst saving in excess of 66% of energy costs and usage.

“The warehouse lighting has transformed the environment as you said it would, which is great news.” Matt Luke - Logistics Director

Annual Savings
Annual KWh Savings
Annual Savings
1.1 Years
Project Payback
Average Increase in Lux Levels