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Inductors, also known as coils and chokes, are a form of passive component similar to a capacitor except they have been designed to deal with magnetism and the control of magnetic flux. In simple terms Inductors construction consists of a length of wire wound around a central core to create a coil which has high insulator properties. This passive 2 terminal component stores energy in its magnetic field when electrical current flows through it inducing an electromotive force ideal for blocking AC while allowing DC to pass. A typical example of this kind of inductor, called a choke, can be found on laptop power supply, the ferrite bead surround the cable is designed to reduce electrical noise.

Inductors come in several forms, Wire-wound Surface Mount Inductors, usually a wire coil wrapped around a magnetic component and Leaded inductors which are used in low and high voltage situations.Multi-layer surface mount inductors features several layers of wire wrapped around an inductor with layers of insulation added to give a high inductance level.

Kempston Controls stocks a wide range of Inductors from market leading brands. Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or use the contact form above to discuss your Inductor requirements

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