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Kempston Controls Out of Hours Ordering Service

Here at Kempston Controls, we know how important it is to keep your production lines running and to help minimise downtime, we offer an Out of Hours Emergency Ordering Service to support your application. This fantastic service enables you to order in-stock items and take delivery any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Operating from 5.00pm overnight until 8.00am and all weekend, this unique service lets you order essential automation and control products with expedited delivery at any time outside of normal business hours. Our service gets you the components and equipment you need as quickly as possible to ensure the absolute minimum of downtime.

So, if your production line goes down, Kempston Controls can now fulfil your order out of hours, simply call our emergency contact number: 01933 656290.

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How Out Of Hours Ordering Works

This extra service is in addition to our normal offering and is designed to cater for unprecedented emergencies during challenging times.

Our Emergency Ordering Service is available outside of normal working hours and operates from 5.00 pm each day until normal opening hours at 8.00 am the next morning and during weekends.

We use a specialist same-day delivery service to ensure that you get the items you need ASAP!

  1. Head to our website and check the part you need is available and in stock.
  2. Call our 24/7 Emergency phone number: 01933 656290 to process the order.
  3. We’ll sort the rest and dispatch your parcel using our 24/7 emergency courier.

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All Day, Everyday, All Year Round

If you need a replacement part as soon as possible and need to minimise your downtime, Kempston Controls are here to help. We understand that in these modern times, business hours don’t start and end with office hours. Most production lines now run 24 hours, 7 days a week and downtime can prove costly.

Here at Kempston Controls we understand the importance of making sure our customers never experience lengthy periods of downtime thanks to our 24/7 emergency ordering service.

Operating from 5pm overnight until 8am and all weekend, if you call and order, we can get the automation and control products you desperately need to you in a matter of hours to ensure your business can continue to operate. To get started today, give us a call now on 01933 656290, and we will get your industrial automation and process control products to you as quickly as possible thanks to our 24/7 emergency ordering service.

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Please note: This Emergency Service enables our UK customers to order the essential products they need and have them shipped directly to them whatever the time – wherever they are. Normal Kempston Controls ordering terms apply, however a call out fee of £175 will be applied to the order. Where stock is available.