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Isolated DC to High Voltage DC Converters

An Isolated DC to High Voltage DC converter takes a direct DC input and converts it from one voltage level to a higher voltage.  These voltage Converters are used when the DC operating voltage for electrical and electronic devices vary making it necessary to provide a separate higher voltage for each device. A wide variety of DC-DC Converters are available for numerous applications. Some DC-DC Converters will step up the power, others will step down and some can do either. It’s important to know the specifications of the Converters being used to avoid damaging equipment. 

Isolated DC to High Voltage DC Converters isolate the output from the input with internal transformers to convert the input to a different output voltage. These Isolated Converters have high isolation voltage properties and unlike the non-isolated version have the ability to block noise and interference. Isolated DC to High Voltage DC Converters are safer to use in cases of internal failure as they prevent the input voltage from being transmitted to the output. 

Kempston controls stocks a select range of Isolated DC-DC Converters from leading brands such as Siemens. Call us on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your voltage converter needs.

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