Automation & Controls Solutions

Providing total solutions and support for Automation, Machinery Safety, Drives, Industrial Controls, Energy Measurement and System Applications

Our Automation & Controls Team are here to keep your business moving forward with the Challenges and demands of the modern industrial and technological world.

Automation Support

To provide support with existing systems including the implementation of new projects, reconfiguring existing processes, or replacement of obsolete products. Utilising our partner network of programmers and suppliers, we can ensure you and your plant machinery are supported with the challenges of the ever-changing landscape and challenges of the new Industry 4.0 opportunities along with supporting older technologies.

Drives and Motion Control

We have a number of drive partners and the internal expertise to offer the right solution for you. Kempston Controls can provide solutions for energy saving projects with payback reports giving you the full benefit of the latest technology and opportunities of applying drive systems to your plant. Through complex reengineering of old existing starter systems or implementation of new systems, we can save you time and money.

Machinery Safety

Our fully certified Machinery Safety Experts can support and guide you through the latest regulations to provide you with the security and knowledge that you are creating a safe and secure environment for you and your fellow employees. Working with the industry’s top manufacturers and our in house specialists, we can offer a range of services, from Risk and PUWER assessments to stop time performance testing. We can also offer additional training and guidance to help you understand and apply the regulations safely and correctly.

Industrial Controls

With over 100 key manufacturers from the industry, we can technically support you with all aspects of industrial controls from Sensors to Contactors, Power Supplies to Circuit Protection and Load Switching. If you need replacement or support with new projects and what is available to solve your engineering application we can provide you with a solution that works.

Industry 4.0 and the IIOT Challenge

Kempston Automation is here to assist and guide you through the rapidly growing and ever-changing landscape of the data and information explosion driven by the new connectable world of networks and wireless solutions. With many suppliers and manufacturers all offering varied solutions, our experience can help guide you and support you with selecting the best suppliers and technologies to suit your needs.

Systems and Applications

Encompassing all our individual services and working with our carefully selected partners, we can offer complete solutions from design and build through to installation and commissioning of machinery and plant services. We have experience in solutions for even specialist industries including ATEX Processes, Food & Hygiene, Industrial Renewables and many more. Just ask our Automation Support team and we will be able to assist ion keeping your process moving.

Automation & Controls Solutions

Our Automation and Controls team are here to help provide solutions and support for all your requirements. Our network of support with our partners, coupled with our inhouse experts, we can provide professional engineered solutions giving you confidence and security in everything you do.

What we can offer

  • Support and advice on implementing Industry 4.0 and IIOT effectively across your business.
  • Keep your work environment safe and meet the required standards with advice from our safety experts.
  • Ensure your processes keep running by identifying and replacing your aging electrical assets or providing alternative products to improve your efficiency.
  • Saving energy by offering energy monitoring and saving solutions.
  • Improving existing processes with new technologies, controls, and sensors.
  • Specialist products and services for ATEX applications.
  • Our services and the scope of Automation and Controls gives us the power to deliver many solutions.
  • Service agreements.

Challenge the team here at Kempston Controls to deliver your solution.

Typical industries we operate in

  • Building Automation
  • Chemical Process
  • Renewable Energies
  • Materials Handling
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Printing Paper
  • Recycling
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Robotics

Automation & Controls Product Line

We can support many applications a few of which are detailed below:


Farming methods grow ever smarter to optimise crop return. Data acquisition systems, sensors & optimisers are essential for effective management systems or model based predictive control systems.


From start to finish, manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly automated. Robotics, machine vision and automation all work in harmony to deliver production in a cost-effective way.

Consumer Goods

As supply chain processes become more complex and time sensitive, automation and controls are put in place to reduce human interference and improve industrial operations.

Drives & Controls

As technology and automation capabilities explode, the demand for specialised drives & controls rockets. Components for detection, monitoring & control of movement all needed.

Machine Building

With machine controllers at the heart of manufacturing processes, embracing open communications and technology is in the forefront. Digital twinning using the latest industry 4.0 technologies.


The automation and optimisation of packaging processes removes costly manual labour and increases efficiency. Use of digital platforms to manage orders, track shipments and monitor quality.

Steel & Heavy

The use of PLC and SCADA systems have been developed. Supervisory control and data acquisition systems are used to collate data from field instruments within the process systems.

Transport & Logistics

When it comes to transport and logistics, reducing costs and increasing efficiency is paramount. Automation solutions enhance overall supply chain management.

Food & Beverage

Allowing businesses to gain full visibility of their supply chain, protect workers from serious injury and reduce labour costs, automation has assisted the evolution of the food & beverage industry.

Gas & Oil

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) within the oil and gas industry collect information and data at remote oil and gas locations.


Error detection, accuracy and safety of medicine handling, and enhancing quality control processes, are ways in which automation and controls assist pharmaceutical processes.