Energy Saving Solutions
From Kempston Controls

Energy Saving Solutions from Kempston Controls

Energy costs are at their most volatile in recent history. There has never been a more urgent time to deliver energy and environmental cost saving and cost avoidance projects for your organisation.

With over 80 years of experience and a careful choice of franchises, we have become a specialist distributor of electrical and mechanical industrial control components and equipment.

We can supply a range of industry leading products, which combined with our first class technical teams our solutions are ideal for saving you time & money.

Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your requirements.

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Energy Saving Booklet

To support your business and enhance our offering, we've pieced together a few resources: a 8 page introuction to our energy saving offering & a longer more comprehensive brochure. Get in touch with your local representative or contact our sales office for more information - alternatively view & download a digital copy here.

Introduction to Energy Saving View The Brochure

UP TO 63% Energy Savings On Conveyor Lines1

UP TO 80% Annual Savings On Lighting Costs2

UP TO 25% Reduced Actuator Maintenance Costs3

UP TO 40% Savings When TRVs & Thermostats Are Combined4

1Using Danfoss' VLT Range, 2As per Eco Projects, 3When using Sauter's Smart Actuator range, 4Using Honeywell's range of thermostats and TRVs

In Partnership with Kempston Controls

Eco Projects - Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

Our lighting specialists have worked in the energy industry for over 25 years and more specifically within the energy efficiency lighting sector since 2004. Responsible for selling, designing, and managing energy projects for organisations such as Sainsbury's, The NHS, Coca Cola, Walkers and Rolls-Royce.

Lighting Projects - An Easy Win.

Within industrial production facilities, lighting typically contributes approximately 8% - 12% of the total energy usage. This can rise to over 80% of the electrical energy cost within warehouses.

In many cases, a 70% saving of 8% to 12% of a company's electrical energy cost can meet their corporate target for electrical energy savings and their environmental target.

If you are looking to reduce your energy usage and/or are investigating how you can replace your existing lighting, give us a call to arrange a free audit visit.

8 Simple Steps for Lighting Efficiency.

  1. Initial Meeting & Free Initial Audit
  2. Initial Report & Proposal
  3. Full Site Audit
  4. Draft Report
  5. Energy Action Plan
  6. Specification & Procurement
  7. Project Management & Implementation
  8. Monitoring & Reporting

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Our Selected Brands


Control Techniques

Run, Conserve, Save with Commander C

Up to 30% Energy Savings

Commander C provides effective speed control. Controlling the speed of a motor provides users with reduced wear on machines, increased power factor and large energy savings.

Danfoss Drives

Save Energy with Danfoss - VLT®

Up to 63% Energy Saving

The VLT® FlexConcept® conveyor solution combines integrated modern motor technology with the latest motor control components to create a coordinated, standardised system.


Save Energy with PowerXL

Up to 63% Energy Saving

PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter helps users to achieve the required energy efficiency levels for the application at hand by adjusting the motor speed.

Eco Projects

Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

Save Up to 70% on Annual Energy Costs

Our lighting specialists have worked in the energy industry for over 25 years and more specifically within the energy efficiency lighting sector since 2004.


Energy Saving Timers & Switches

Up to 80% on Energy Savings

Perfect for a quick win & ideal for saving you money, Elkay's range of Timers, Switches & Occupancy Sensors are a low cost solution to increase energy efficiencies.


Active Filters

Suitable for wind & solar farms

Hitachi Energy's PQF active filters: An ideal solution for solving tough power quality problems caused by harmonics, load unbalance and reactive power demand.

Honeywell Home

Comine TRVs & Smart Thermostats

Combine TRVs & Thermostats & Save up to 40%

The smart way to control your home: introducing the T6 Smart Thermostat from Honeywell Home - ideal when combined with Valencia VTL15 Radiator Thermostat

Honeywell Thermal Solutions

Ways to boost your Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Savings up to 45%

Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of solutions for boosting thermal process efficiency across metals, ceramics food & beverage, automotive, paper and a host of other sectors.


Power & Condition Monitoring

Reduce maintenance costs up to 25%

Using Omron's range of Monitoring Solutions, you can use that your application is running efficiently to reduce unexpected downtime and resulting costs.


Energy Efficiency

Up to 80% Less Energy Consumption

Sustainability is a key part of Pilz's company principles and their products are developed to be environmentally friendly by using ecological materials and energy-saving technologies.


Smart Actuators

Up to 32% Energy Savings

Valves and actuators are key components in energy distribution. SAUTER has added the new generation of IoT-capable Smart Actuators to its tried and tested range of actuators.

Siemens HVAC

OpenAir range of damper actuators

Where Efficiency Meets Maximum Benefit

Powerful Actuators for HVAC: the OpenAir range of damper actuators are proven in a range of global applications and are easy to install & extremely durable.

Industry Leading Product Repairs

Take advantage of the industry leading product repairs service now available at Kempston Controls. Save money and keep your systems running for longer without the need to buy expensive replacements.

Here at Kempston Controls we'd love to sell you a new product, it's what we do best. But in todays climate we all need to do our part for the environment, so we're promoting product repairs, a service not often utilised in the industry. Don't rush out to throw your non-working drives and sensors away, give us a call and see if they can be repaired first.

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