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Balluff was founded in 1921 by Gebhard Balluff as a mechanical repair shop for bicycles, motorcycles and sewing machines in Neuhausen, Germany. In the years that followed Balluff grasped the initiative and further developed the business into one that manufactured precision turned and milled machine parts.

By the 1950s Balluff had expanded their machining business further by producing rocker arms, gear levers and other automotive engine parts. It was in the mid 1950s when they began their foray into sensory technology with the development of the BNS cam switch closely followed by the non-contact BES inductive proximity switch.

Balluff quickly escalated to being one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of sensor technology and automation and control products. Developing sensor technology that can detect non-metallic material at a greater distance in the form of the BOS optoelectronic sensor. Further innovations followed with advances in RFID and magnetic sensor technology and other process control products.

Today, with subsidiaries around the globe and extensive research and development activities, Balluff continues to be a pacesetter for industrial sensory and automation and process control technology market. With outstanding innovations in smart lighting, miniaturised optical sensor technology and the internet of things IoT to name just a few, their extensive product range and process control knowhow are world-renowned.

Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for Balluff, stocks a massive range of products including:

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