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Originally a porcelain tableware manufacturing company, with origins dating back until 1865, it wasn't until 1904 when Frederic Legrand, Charles Alary and Jean Joquel took over the existing business that would eventually bear the Legrand name.

Today Legrand is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and commercial sockets, plugs, switches and power management systems in the world and is also expanding it's ventures further with energy saving, smart home, photovoltaic, fibre optic and sustainable energy technologies.

Kempston Controls, as a trusted supplier, has access to thousands of products from Legrand's extensive product catalogue and we are certain to have just what you need to enhance your switching, cable management, low-voltage distribution and power management requirements.

We stock an already impressive range of low-voltage network Legrand products, some of our most popular products include:

Also, you will find - Contactors, Electrical meters, Transformers, Cabinets, switches, fuse carriers, cable markers, bootlace ferrules and so much more. If by some chance you can't find what you are looking for from our extensive range of Legrand products please contact us for assistance using the form above.

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