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In 1935, Aloys Mennekes founded an electrical company in his parents' house in Hofolpe, Germany, and over the decades that followed, the small electrical company developed into a global specialist for power connection and distribution systems.

MENNEKES production facilities in Kirchhundem, Germany

Today, MENNEKES is a leading manufacturer of industrial plugs, connectors, sockets, electromobility and power connection and distribution systems. They are considered an international expert and innovation leader in their field. Still a family business, this ever-expanding company is managed by the third generation of the family with subsidiaries and agencies in over 90 countries, providing employment for thousands of people.

Committed to Quality and Innovation

MENNEKES is committed to continual innovation and their in-house R&D engineering team constantly upgrades and develops products to meet new market trends. Consistent quality checks and designed-in-quality at every stage of processing is key to their continued success. Today their products are utilised in many sectors including vehicle charging inlets and cabling, industrial power distribution and more.

Kempston Controls has access to the entire MENNEKES product range, including:

Power Plugs
Power Sockets
Wall Mounted Sockets

Mennekes Resource Centre

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