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Kempston Controls Electronic Components Distributor of Trumeter


Trumeter was founded in Manchester in the UK in 1937 to support the growing British textile industry with mechanically-based length measuring equipment. In the decades that followed Trumeter went on to develop an extensive range of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical devices that are utilised in measuring, displaying and controlling the critical parameters for a wide range of processes and equipment.

In recent years, much of Trumeter's growth has been driven by designing custom products that are specifically designed to the customer’s requirements. Trumeter also invented the black and yellow distance measuring wheel that you may have seen being used by surveyors on the streets of towns and cities the world over.

As one of the premier global designers and manufacturers of measurement instruments and display devices, Trumeter’s engineering teams are constantly innovating and creating new and exciting products.

The Trumeter Advanced Panel Meter range blends the accuracy of modern digital panel meters with all the visual advantages of traditional moving coil meters, giving you the precision you demand with accurate readings at all times. Easy to see, Easy to use, the ‘plug and play’ APM can be set up in minutes with without any specialist knowledge and can be easily viewed from 30m away with an incredibly wide viewing angle. A range of outputs and a dynamic programmable backlight add to the great functionality all at a very competitive price point.

If you operate in a business that supplies product based on its length then you will need an accurate and dependable method of ensuring that the length of your product is what you say it is, both to improve and maintain your quality and to help keep your customers happy. Or, perhaps you are looking for a traditional moving coil style meter but with the advanced features and accuracy of digital, giving you the best of both worlds? You will find them all at Kempston Controls.

We stock a comprehensive range of Trumeter products including: digital and analogue counters, measuring wheels and rollers, encoders, length measuring systems and the new Advanced Panel Meter range. If we don’t have the item you need in our extensive range of stock we can certainly find it for you; please just give us a call or use the contact form above and our technical team will find the products you need or the best alternatives available.

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