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At Kempston Controls our thermal support is flexible, expert, innovative and of the highest quality.

We can support many applications a few of which are detailed below.

System Upgrade & Modernisation

For obsolete parts and controls superseded by the introduction of mandatory design codes, Kempston Controls provides an upgrade path including installation and recommissioning services. Our specialists will recommend upgrades and the best technology that delivers enhanced safety, energy efficiency or improved emissions performance to meet today’s exacting design standards.

Combustion Plant Service

Whatever your service issue Kempston Controls can take care of it and provide you with the highest quality customer experience. Rest assured that in Kempston Controls you have a partner who takes responsibility with you – one with unparalleled engineering know-how, system knowledge, and a progressive technological mindset.

Our approach is based on the uncompromising interaction of all factors, whether this involves a certified spare part or the prevention of unscheduled downtimes, it’s always supported by the skills and know-how provided by Kempston Controls personnel.

No two plants are alike, so we don’t provide a run-of-the-mill standard service, instead we provide the required mix of skills and capabilities to match your demands. A service concept tailored to your needs, whose scope and emphasis is coordinated with you. You decide what is most relevant for your plant: costs, quality, and availability.

Project Management

Whether turnkey solutions, individual modules, conventional firing or feasibility studies, Kempston Controls provides the know-how and technology for all thermal processes. Decades of experience ensures smooth project implementation, even within limited timeframes. We are at the cutting edge of technology with a distinct knowledge advantage over our competition. From concept and basic engineering to assembly and commissioning, Kempston Controls is your partner in combustion technology.

System Optimisation

Combustion plant losses are a financial drain and a blight on the environment. In many cases, up to 10% of all fuels used are wasted. Therefore, modern industrial firing plants should aim for the greatest efficiency. Optimisation doesn’t have to result in more expense or long downtimes. Frequently, changes to burners, or controls, produce tangible increases in plant efficiency. Kempston Controls provides support with modernisation tools including weak-point analysis to the optimisation of the relevant components.

Spare Parts

It’s wise that essential consumable spare parts are stocked onsite to ensure minimal downtime in the event of stoppages. For all critical items of plant and machinery Kempston Controls can advise on spare parts and consumables that should be replaced on a planned maintenance cycle. Unable to store spare parts on site? Kempston Controls hold an unmatched level of stock for thermal applications with next day delivery on most items.

About Kempston Thermal Solutions

Kempston Controls Thermal Solutions Team can offer support with everything from advice on combustion plants to product selection through to breakdowns, installation, and commissioning of new equipment.

We also offer planned service and repairs supported by an unrivalled inventory of genuine spare parts.

What we can offer

  • New Burners
  • Complete Combustion Systems
  • Spare Parts
  • Repairs
  • Installations, Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Plant consultation on energy efficiency, modernisation, and revamping
  • Onsite technical support
  • Service agreements
  • Operator maintenance training
  • System upgrades and retrofits
  • Inspections and recommendations

Typical industries we operate in

  • Automotive
  • Aluminium
  • Bricks
  • Ceramics
  • Forging
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Gypsum
  • Heat Treatment
  • Incineration
  • Paper
  • Iron Ore

Meet the Team

Dean Lucas - Commercial Manager

Dean previously worked for Eclipse Combustion, and he had a dream to have his own thermal solutions team offering a customer experience to the highest level. Kempston Controls Thermal Solutions was born on 5th January 2016. This dedicated team has over 150 years of experience in the thermal industry providing full turnkey solutions.

The experience has been emotional & challenging along the way, but he’s so proud that with the combination of probably the strongest thermal team in the country, top suppliers and the most advanced products, the opportunities for our customers are immense.

Stephen Howells - Business Development Manager

Stephen has worked for some of the biggest names in the combustion industry during his long career.

  • Eclipse Combustion
  • SAACKE Combustion
  • North American Stordy

His application knowledge is very broad and ranges from baking bread to melting glass. Highly regarded in the industry as a person who thinks outside the box and pulls the relevant resources together to provide the right solution.

Whatever your requirement, whether it be new combustion systems or upgrade and maintenance of existing equipment, Stephen is the person to speak to.

Andy Crate - Thermal Sales Executive

Andy has worked within the combustion industry for over 15 years. During this time, he’s excelled at managing all aspects of Combustion Service Departments. This involved the implementation of scheduled maintenance, breakdown callouts, project management, installations, and commissioning services for a variety of different industries.

This experience has led Andy to supporting our clients onsite, identifying spare parts & system components to keep their plants running efficiency and reduce town time.

Andy has a strong customer focus and a keen attention to detail, thriving on helping our customers operate their plants safely and efficiently.

In his spare time Andy has a keen interest in a variety of sports and enjoys travelling the globe.

Mike Evans - Combustion Solution Engineer

Mike has worked in the industrial process heating & combustion industry for more than three decades. He has gained extensive experience in combustion systems engineering & design, project management, piping & instrumentation design, fluid dynamics, process control systems, heat balance & efficiency analysis.

Mike has extensive application & product knowledge from vendors such as: Eclipse, Maxon, Kromschröder, Honeywell, Hauck, Siemens, Dungs, ASCO & Aventics.

Faraz Mir - Internal Technical Support Engineer

Faraz joined the Thermal team in 2022 with over a decade’s experience in the Oil & Gas industry, working on engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning projects for clients in the Middle East and the North Sea.

Having worked in design engineering and project management with exposure to various clients and vendors worldwide, he has expertise in various product-lines which feature in thermal’s vast portfolio such as Asco, Aventics, Honeywell and Siemens to name a few.

Matthew Law - Combustion Solution Engineer

Matthew has been in the combustion industry for 24 years, where he worked for Kromschroder until joining Kempston controls in 2020. In this time, he has gained experience in combustion systems engineering such as design, project management, spares, commissioning, and maintenance.

Matthew has an expansive knowledge of products and applications for the thermal market, which incorporates manufacturers such as Eclipse, Maxon, Kromschroder, Honeywell, Hauck, Siemens, Dungs and ASCO.

John Sheahan - Combustion Solution Engineer

John's career began with an apprenticeship at Midland Motor Cylinder, where he honed his skills before transitioning to IPSEN as a Service Engineer. Co-founding VAS Ltd was a highlight, followed by enriching international experience with KANTHAL in Sweden.

His journey continued with roles at VFS and later Busch VFE, reflecting his dedication to professional growth. Despite facing health challenges in 2023, John remains committed to his career path.

Kempston Thermal Solutions Product Line

We can support many applications a few of which are detailed below.


Industrial kilns used in high-temperature thermal processing with typical operating temperatures in the region of 1300°C. Used in many industries including Glass, Ceramics, and many other heat treatment applications.


Industrial boilers are water-containing vessels that generate heat or steam. The heat is mainly used for hot water whilst the steam energy can be used for mechanical propulsion of machinery or for use in the manufacturing process.


Industrial washers are a purpose-built piece of washing equipment. They clean and sanitise containers, trays, instruments, tools, components, and other items. They are predominantly used in food production and processing.


Industrial incinerators are used to burn waste materials such as plastics and non-renewable materials, as well as foul gases safely and efficiently.


Industrial melters, are typically used in the aluminium industry operating at temperatures of 750°C. There are many variations including Tilting, Tower, and Crucible Melters.


Holders are made from or lined with ceramic materials and are designed to withstand very high temperatures. Typically utilised within the metallurgy industry.


Industrial dryers ensure that unwanted moisture is removed from products and materials prior to processing. Fluid bed dryers are ideal for free flowing materials, rotary dryers for anything from clumped solids to sludge.


Oxidisers are used to treat air pollutants and other hazardous emissions in a wide variety of manufacturing facilities.


Industrial furnaces can be direct fired or indirect fired and are used to provide heat for many industrial processes, operating at high temperatures of up to 1750°C. They are mainly used in metallurgical production for smelting, heat treatment and tempering.


Low temperature thermal processing equipment, industrial ovens typically operate at temperatures around 250°C and are used as heating chambers for drying, curing, and baking. A vast variety of industries use industrial ovens including automotive, chemical and food processing, and electronics manufacturing.